Position: Mechanical Engineer

Job Description:

Barbour Stockwell is seeking a Mechanical Engineer to support our test services operation. The successful candidate will be involved with the planning and execution of projects to test the integrity of critical rotating components; from EV Motor rotors to Aircraft Engine rotor disks. Test durations range from seconds, for burst tests, to months for life cycle testing.

  • Work with customers to generate test plans and procedures
  • Generate Process & Instrumentation Diagrams
  • Generate Layouts (using SOLIDWORKS) for subsequent analyses and the generation of detailed manufacturing drawings
  • Design Tooling with supporting analyses
    • FEA – Structural and Heat Transfer
    • Rotordynamic
    • Detailed Manufacturing Drawings
  • Support Technicians in setting up and running tests
    • Mechanical Assembly
    • Instrumentation
    • Data Acquisition; e.g., Lab View
  • Generate Test Reports for the customer

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