High speeds demanded by modern machinery for high performance demand careful attention to the design integrity of the rotor to insure reliability as well as human safety. Barbour Stockwell, Inc’s spin test equipment and other test benches are expressly designed to perform the tests necessary to confirm design calculations and material integrity.

BSi provides the world’s manufacturers of high speed machinery, everything from medical centrifuges to jet engines, with the reliable, precisely controlled, shaft power to put their own equipment to the test. BSi designs, engineers, and manufactures spin test systems used for qualification, acceptance, and production testing as well as research and development.


Wide Range of Sizes & Speeds for
Diverse Applications

BSi’s spin test facilities are custom designed and built to meet our customers’ specific requirements. The vast portfolio of designs the company has performed over the years provides the foundation for economically and reliably addressing the test requirements, whatever they may be.

BSi has provided facilities for:

  • Overspeed Testing
  • Burst Testing
  • Low Cycle Fatigue Testing
  • High Cycle Fatigue Testing

Facilities have been provided for performing tests at temperatures from 80 Kelvin to 800°C. Spin chambers with the capacity for testing 2800 mm diameter rotors have been supplied with drives to accommodate up to 12 tons. Drive systems have been delivered for testing rotors up to 200,000 rpm.

Electric or Air Turbine Drives

BSi is the only spin test equipment manufacturer offering both air (and steam) turbine and electric motor drive systems. Of course, each of these prime movers has its respective advantages and applications.

Electric Motor Advantages

  • Fewer energy conversions yield higher overall efficiency
  • Energy is returned to the mains during deceleration
  • No need for an air system
  • Far more economical for LCF testing

Air Turbine Advantages

  • Relatively low cost
  • Simple, elegant, more compact design for achieving high speed
  • Drive changes to cover different speed ranges are accomplished very quickly

The most important advantage, shared by both systems, is that all drives are engineered and manufactured by BSi. For more details please visit our Drives page.