While Barbour Stockwell, Inc is best known for its spin test facilities, the company also designs and builds all kinds of rigs for testing the components of high speed machinery. As in our spin pits, BSi’s unsurpassed ability to generate and precisely control extraordinarily high speeds is the key competitive advantage.

BSi engineers also draw on our vast experience to provide reliable drives and rigs to meet the most demanding requirements under the most extreme conditions. We have engineered and manufactured rigs for testing bearings at speeds to 250,000 rpm. We have delivered test benches for testing abradable seals at temperatures to 1100 deg. C.

A prestigious university laboratory recently took delivery of a BSi rig for testing the ability of coatings to mitigate erosion due to liquid jet impingement at speeds to 500 meters per second. Speed control, even while the rotor blades are being subjected to water droplets at 20,000 rpm, is better than +/- 5 rpm.