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The following information will allow us to define and quote a facility best suited to your requirements.

Articles To Be Tested:

General factors & requirements to mention in your inquiry include:

  • General Description, e.g.: Gas Turbine Discs, Impellers, Flywheels, Grinding Wheels
  • Maximum Diameter Required
  • Maximum Axial Height Required
  • Maximum Speed
  • Test Article Weight corresponding to the Maximum Speed Requirement
  • Maximum Weight
  • Speed Required for Maximum Weight

Test Type (Please Specify All that Apply):

  • Production Overspeed (Please specify anticipated Production Throughput)
  • Burst
  • R&D – Low Cycle Fatigue (LCF)
  • R&D – Strain Gauge
  • R&D – High Cycle Fatigue (HCF)

Test Requirements:

Please specify the minimum/maximum required metrics for your custom-made spin test facility

  • Test Protocol
  • Cycle Definition: Upper Target / Dwell Time / Lower Target (for LCF Testing)
  • Cycle Time Desired (Test Article Polar Moment of Inertia required to address this)
  • Test Article Heating, if any
  • Maximum Temperature
  • Are Gradients required or will the Test Article be Isothermal?
  • Test Article Cooling, if any
  • Minimum Temperature
  • Vacuum level (We suggest a level of no more than 1 Torr)

Additional Features (Please Specify those of interest):

  • High-speed video photography
  • In-Pit Balancing
  • Real Time Growth Measurement
  • Crack Detection during LCF Testing


For more information regarding our wide range of capabilities, feel free to visit our Spin Test Facilities page. Otherwise, feel free to visit our RFQ page to create your inquiry today or contact us directly for further assistance.