BSi engineers its drive systems to provide ultra-high speed shaft power under precise control. The key advantage of the test facilities designed and manufactured by BSi is the BSi Drive System.


Spin Test Services

Barbour Stockwell, Inc’s in-house spin test facilities incorporate the company’s F.A.S.T. (Full Authority Spin Testing) control system.

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Drive Systems

The ability of Barbour Stockwell, Inc’s drive systems to provide ultra-high rotational speeds with precise speed control is the company’s key advantage in powering spin tests or driving the components in other test rigs.

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Spin Test Facilities

BSi provides the world’s manufacturers of high speed machinery, everything from medical centrifuges to jet engines, with the reliable, precisely controlled, shaft power to put their own equipment to the test.

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Other Test Rigs

BSi engineers draw have the vast experience to provide reliable drives and rigs to meet the most demanding requirements under the most extreme conditions.

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Barbour Stockwell, Inc.

Our engineers draw on vast experience to provide reliable drives and test rigs for testing rotating components under the most extreme conditions.

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  • Aerospace Aerospace


    Aircraft engine manufacturers employ BSi equipment to meet Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Joint Aviation Requirements (JAR) to qualify new rotor designs. Not only that, but from the R&D performed to evaluate new materials and designs to pre-spinning production rotors as part of the manufacturing process, BSi equipment is on the job.

  • Automotive Automotive


    For many years Barbour Stockwell has supplied the ultra high speed spin rigs needed for testing automotive turbochargers. Often overspeed tests are part of the production process; driving rough machined impellers to yield prior to final machining. A more recent development has been the employment of the company’s rigs to perform overspeed, burst and low cycle fatigue testing of Electric Vehicle motor rotors.

  • Power Generation Power Generation
    Power Generation

    Power Generation

    Barbour Stockwell has provided spin test facilities for processing gas turbine rotors by performing overspeed tests at cryogenic and elevated temperatures. Frequently the rotors are driven past the point where the bores yield. BSi designs and manufactures the complex tooling required to maintain concentricity notwithstanding the extreme plastic strains.

  • Oil & Gas Oil & Gas
    Oil & Gas

    Oil & Gas

    BSi provides the equipment or test services for turbomachinery manufacturers to meet the overspeed test requirements per American Petroleum Institute Standard 617 for Centrifugal Compressors for General Refinery Service.

  • Abrasives Abrasives


    BSi spin rigs are employed by manufacturers of grinding wheels to perform the overspeed tests specified by ANSI Standard B7.1. Burst testing of samples from a production lot is also used for quality assurance as well as in the qualification of new products.